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02 Vo Nguyen Giap Phường Đống Đa, Quy Nhon City, Tỉnh Bình Định - (0256) 3502 468

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Moc Vien Restaurant, located on a prime location of Qui Nhon city - 02 Vo Nguyen Giap, beside the Ha Thanh river creates a charming scene. In particular, the restaurant is located in the center of prominent attractions (Thap Doi, Nhon Hoi Bridge, Ky Co, Eo Gio ...) convenient for moving and linking tour schedules. Besides, the spacious space is ideal for cool parking.

First of all, Moc Vien Restaurant is an interesting attraction, a romantic and peaceful space. Because when coming to the restaurant, visitors will encounter a unique remaining space in Qui Nhon that is exactly as its name "Moc Vien" - the wooden garden. Surrounded by green trees, flowers and leaves around, prominent in the middle is the house designed with the traditional ancient architecture of the old Binh Dinh people - the roofed house. There, containing a rich cultural value "rumors of good stabilization of the house, Phu Yen good rice, Khanh Hoa good buffalo". In addition, Phu Gia Horse Hats are flexibly used in a harmonious overall space that is both decorative and displayed to help visitors see the market, listen to explanations about a traditional product. is famous for Binh Dinh without having to go to its place of production. The sound of water gurgling in the ears from the water jars, surrounding rockery, fanciful yellow lights from ancient patterned cloth lanterns, intricately carved wooden cans create a rustic feeling, peace in the chaos of life. All of these factors bring visitors to a cozy, nostalgic space, are powerful catalysts for a delicious meal.

The dish is diverse, from rustic memories to seafood, the flavor of forests is full of Central cuisine. If Vietnam is trying to become the world's kitchen, Moc Vien is carrying on the mission of the kitchen of Central Vietnam. With the slogan "Central Cuisine", Moc Vien has built a unique, rich menu, combining rustic and modern to create a great attraction with historical cultural values. Central cuisine is created and gathered from the hardship and poverty of each arid region but still has Vietnamese breath. The dishes are also processed simply but bold as the people of this land. The image of “rice pot” from Thach Sanh fairytale becomes the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine to braised fish, vegetables wished to boil crab sauce, jute vegetable soup, tomato cannon ... preserved by Moc Vien as proof for a hard time, reminiscent of an old memory. Wen tried to understand, educating the young generation about a period of that ancestor is a great meaning that Moc Vien aims at. In addition, the mission of promoting the image of Binh Dinh in particular and the Central region in general through cuisine is performed very well by Moc Vien with the menu of local specialties: Nem Cho Huyen, rice paper rolls , Tay Son sugarcane, Quy Nhon fish cake, Song Than vermicelli, shrimp dance pancakes, 5-dish chicken heart cake, low-leaf-thorn cake, green bean iced wine How did the district leave? ”… At the same time, with the strength from the seafood resources of the waters of Binh Dinh, Moc Vien Restaurant cleverly applied and put into the menu delicious delicious dishes that made diners heart through the table. Professional processing hands of talented chefs: Huynh De crab, Mai fish salad rolled rice paper, green crab with tamarind ramen, steamed green crab with beer, grouper steamed with soy sauce, jellyfish soup, tuna eyes Chinese herbs ... Delicious dishes with flavors of mountains and forests are also used uniquely by the restaurant: 7 dishes of mountain goat, grilled ethnic pig with crispy skin ... However, the delicious dish that stands out even more for visitors when it comes to Moc Vien is probably “Better fire smoke Tableware ”. The dish is a unique combination of green forests (mushrooms), salty sea (shrimp, squid) blended with Tam Quan coconut milk and soft young beans. As its name implies, when the food comes out, diners witness the smoke spraying with red and fiery cast iron vermicelli, reminiscent of a period of fire fighting in the land that used to be two capitals. "Roasted Chicken" is also the dish that makes up the brand of the restaurant and the land of martial. The dish shows the character of the people here, perseverance, meticulousness. Fish sauce is also a constituent element of the restaurant's success and a unique feature in the culinary picture of Central Vietnam. The rich and fragrant flavor captivates many diners. "Go Boi is very delicious with fish sauce - Three meals are still fragrant."
Put diners first. Capturing the psychology and needs of customers, the issue of food safety and hygiene is always interested in Moc Vien Restaurant. Fresh raw materials with clear sources ensure quality and health safety. Owning a team of trained staff, many years of experience in serving tourists and knowledgeable about tourism has been trying to constantly improve the quality of professional service to bring satisfaction to visitors.

In 2017, Binh Dinh tourism received about 3.7 million visitors. With its advantages and large capacity, Moc Vien can welcome 300 guests each time and welcome a total of 120,000 visitors in 2017, significantly contributing to the success of tourism in the province. On July 9, 2018, Moc Vien Restaurant was also the only enterprise of Binh Dinh to be in the Top 5 Restaurants for tourists in Vietnam, honored at the Honoring Ceremony for tourism businesses. early Vietnam in 2018, organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Hanoi.

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02 Vo Nguyen Giap Phường Đống Đa, Quy Nhon City, Tỉnh Bình Định

(0256) 3502 468

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