What is Quy Nhon at night?

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Being voted by the British travel magazine Rough Guides as "the top destination in Southeast Asia", Quy Nhon makes anyone who wants to come once and want to come back by the beautiful natural landscapes and cultural destinations. Interesting, interesting and special dishes. At night, this charming coastal city has many interesting activities waiting for you to explore.

Scattered city by horse carriage

A service that tourists often experience Quy Nhon is exploring the city at night by horse carriage. You will be relaxed while walking around the beautiful coastal city of Quy Nhon at night, listening to the murmuring waves and feeling the slow, gentle rhythm of the people here. The horse-drawn carriage is quite eye-catching with seats and roofs that are both modern and unique in the fairy time that will take visitors around the city. The bus leaves at Xuan Dieu Street (near Nguyen Tat Thanh Square), depending on requirements, visitors will go to see Quy Nhon beach on horse-drawn cars running along Xuan Dieu, An Duong Vuong or on the central road of the city. Street view the restaurant, the splendid hotel when the lights ...


Tourists take a walk around the city by horse carriage - Photo: Le Chi

Sip a cup of coffee by the beach

An experience that you should not miss when traveling to Quy Nhon is to enjoy the feeling of enjoying a warm cup of coffee, burying your feet on the cool, cool sand, then sitting at the sea listening to the waves, blowing in the wind and chatting. with friends. In addition, you can also freely "check in" because the scenery here is extremely wonderful. You can refer to a few cafes along Xuan Dieu beach road.

Enjoy the snacks at night in Quy Nhon

Like other cities, Quy Nhon also roads are dubbed the "snack paradise". At night, it is time for snacking restaurants and specialty shops in Quy Nhon to open. The snacks are extremely delicious and very cheap, with only 100k you can fill up comfortably. Quy Nhon focuses on famous eating streets such as Phan Boi Chau and Ngo Van So, you can eat from baked rolls, egg rolls, soup cakes, pancakes to cup creams, ice cream mixes, smoothies. , grilled dried squid ...


Snail dishes in Quy Nhon - Photo: Le Chi

If you want to eat snails, seafood, you can go to snail shop on Tang Bat Ho Street, Mai Xuan Thuong, or Dao Duy Tu ... These shops sell a lot of snails and the price is quite affordable. If you want to enjoy the seafood at luxurious restaurants, you should visit the restaurants along Xuan Dieu and Nguyen Hue streets or near Quy Nhon - Nhon Hoi bridge.

Coming to Quy Nhon without enjoying the special "dancing shrimp pancake" is really wasteful, in the evenings it will be chilly and eat a crispy, smoky pancake that is unmatched. The pancake menu in Quy Nhon is very rich with many dishes such as shrimp pancakes, squid rice, beef, eggs. You can easily enjoy this special dish at Dien Hong Street, Dong Da.

Beo cake is also one of the popular dishes that many young people love when coming to Quy Nhon, you can eat Beo cake on extended Nguyen Tat Thanh street, some shops along Nguyen Thai Hoc street or Mai Xuan Thuong street .

Have fun at Nguyen Tat Thanh Square

Nguyen Tat Thanh Square is a place to focus on playing and relaxing of Quy Nhon people. You can just visit, take souvenir photos at Nguyen Tat Thanh - Nguyen Sinh Sac Monument, and entertain yourself with fun activities here: join in dancing with some dancing group practicing, playing electric tram by yourself balancing, rollerblading or chatting with friends.


Nguyen Tat Thanh Square is magnificent at night - Photo: Minh Duc

Shopping at Night Market

Night Market is called "Walking Street" of Quy Nhon. Here sells all kinds of items from clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry to pretty souvenirs. In addition to commercial activities, going to Quy Nhon night market, you also enjoy a lot of delicious food with surprisingly cheap prices. At the corner of the culinary street inside the Provincial Labor Culture House will also make you a pleasant surprise because the entertainment, tourism, creating a different and more attractive than the night market model in almost anywhere in the country.


The bustling atmosphere at Quy Nhon Night Market - Photo: Collectibles

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