Seaweed fields dye Quy Nhon seabed yellow

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From May to July in Hon Kho, seaweed is in season, as if covering the sea surface with a splendid golden carpet.

18 km north of Quy Nhon city center, Hon Kho in Nhon Hai commune is famous for its near-shore coral reefs and beautiful seaweed beds that fascinate tourists and photographers.

Mr. Nguyen Van Binh, a resident of Nhon Hai commune, said that seaweed blooms in May and ends in July, creating an ecosystem for fish, shrimp, sea turtles and other types of plankton to reproduce and grow. The government has banned seaweed exploitation to protect the ecosystem. People are only allowed to exploit seafood in this area, usually with double baskets to easily open the net.

From 3:00 p.m., when the tide gradually recedes, strips of seaweed appear shimmering in the sunlight. The basket spreads the net on all four sides to create a shape like a blue dress on a carpet of seaweed.

Fisherman Le Khac Qui caught squid under the seaweed forest.

In addition to double baskets, fishermen also fish with single baskets in places where seaweed is sparser.

Diving under the sea in the seaweed forest is a favorite activity of some tourists and local people.

In previous years, visitors to Hon Kho were crowded but recently decreased after floating rafts were deemed to be operating illegally and the government said it would enforce enforcement. In the photo are tourists coming to Hon Kho in 2022.

Nhon Hai beach near Hon Kho also has a stone road hundreds of meters long. Researchers hypothesize that this is the stone road of the Champa people. The road is only partially exposed when the tide recedes, most of it is covered with seaweed.

Nhon Hai and Hon Kho communes (left) viewed from above.

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