Binh Dinh organizes many unique events and festivals to attract tourists in 2024

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In order to diversify tourism products to attract tourists, in 2024 Binh Dinh province will organize many unique events and festivals, in which the highlight is bringing international sports events to the locality, creating a destination. High-class international travel.

As a land with a rich cultural and historical background, a "land of martial arts, heaven of literature", Binh Dinh province in recent years has become a famous destination, with many attractive landscapes and places, for many people. Tourists want to admire and explore the wild beauty of the Central region.
Oriented to strive to become a major tourism center of the country, Binh Dinh province is determined to develop tourism into a key economic sector with diverse tourism products such as resort - entertainment - sports tourism. marine sports, scientific tourism - MICE tourism, cultural heritage tourism, especially bringing international sports events to the locality, creating a classy international tourist destination.

The most prominent and international event held for the first time in Vietnam is the Grand Prix of Binh Dinh 2024 International Professional Powerboat Race (including the ABP Aquabike World Championship and the ABP Aquabike World Championship). UIM F1H2O Formula 1 motorboat world championship), taking place from March 22, 2024 - March 31, 2024. The Grand Prix of Binh Dinh international motorboat and water motor racing tournament will open a turning point for marine sports in Vietnam, bringing a new model of sports economy associated with international events.

In addition, a series of side events are held during the week of the above two races in the program "Amazing Binh Dinh Fest 2024", including: The first Binh Dinh International Cuisine Festival in 2024; International music festival and beach fashion; Investment promotion conference with Gala night meeting billionaires...

Throughout 2024, Binh Dinh province will also organize major activities such as: Ba Nuoc Man Pagoda Festival (Nuoc Man Urban) (from March 9 - March 11, 2024); Opening of Binh Dinh Tourism Festival 2024 with the theme "Quy Nhon - Sea paradise - Shining development" (April 2024); Binh Dinh Provincial Bicycle Racing Open 2024 (May 2024); VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon 2024 (June 2024); Hosting the 2024 National Youth Group Athletics Championship in Binh Dinh (Second Quarter 2024); Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh Kite Festival (July 2024); along with many other attractive sporting events and cultural festivals.


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