Binh Dinh is preparing to organize the Culinary Culture Festival in 2024

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According to information from the Department of Tourism of Binh Dinh, on the evening of March 23, the 2024 Culinary Culture Festival will take place at the main stage in area F1, Thi Nai Bay (Dong Da street, Quy Nhon city, pacify the province).

Banh it gai leaves - a specialty of Binh Dinh province (Collected photo)

Within the framework of the festival, the following events will take place: Organizing a Binh Dinh culinary buffet "77 unique and quintessential dishes of Binh Dinh"; Organize culinary spaces and OCOP products of localities and units and arrange dining areas for tourists and residents with 51 booths, including 30 food booths and 20 OCOP product booths. ; Organizing culinary demonstrations by Michelin chefs, localities inside and outside the province, Binh Dinh Culinary Culture Association...

The festival is organized to introduce and promote the image of Binh Dinh as a unique and attractive tourist, cultural and culinary destination to domestic people and international tourists. Honor, preserve, preserve and promote the quintessential value of Binh Dinh culinary culture; At the same time, it moves forward to shape and organize it into an annual tourism event.

Tré in Binh Dinh is one of many famous and popular specialties (Collected photos)

This is also an opportunity to create opportunities to exchange and learn between restaurant, hotel and food service establishments, thereby improving service quality and culinary culture business activities in the industry. province tourism. At the same time, create conditions to exchange, learn from experiences, and understand more about the strengths, similarities, and differences in culinary tourism between provinces and cities in the country to best serve the community and tourists. . Through the Festival, build the brand and image of Binh Dinh tourism to domestic and foreign tourists.

The People's Committee of Binh Dinh province requires the organization of activities at the Festival to ensure quality in content, form, practicality, economy and efficiency; Food hygiene and safety, security and order must be implemented seriously and in accordance with regulations. Activities must have close coordination, synchronization, and unity among departments, branches, agencies, units, and localities; Maximize social resources to participate in activities.


Source: Tourism Information Center - Vietnam National Tourism Administration

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